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Franchise Opportunities

Want to start your


own lucrative business?




Get on the FAST TRACK to starting your own lucrative online publishing business with minimal fees!


You can be profitable starting in your first month! Don't miss out on the most fun you might ever have working for yourself and contact us today.











Individual entrepreneuers are already using NHT Online and  NHT Magazines and distributing the editions in select local areas across North America. If you're interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, contact John Sweatman.


We're are now  offering limited Designated Territories (D.T.) across North America. Work with real estate professionals in your area as well as private owners marketing their homes and property. With our exclusive Online Search Process and attractive printed pieces, you'll be able to offer high-traffic to local businesses in your exclusive territory.


Each publisher operates their NHT D.T. as their own independent business too. You do not work for us and we don’t control your hours, days off, etc.


We have everything set up and ready to help you get started, from our "State-of-the-art" website, to video shooting & editing, sales & printing, to rate charts and information packets for your potential advertisers. We’ll customize the information packets for you with your information and provide you with sample magazines to show potential customers. We’ll even help you with low-cost printing of your information packets and business cards.


NeighborhoodTour can be a profitable business from the first edition and launch of website in your area. For example your estimated gross income could be over US$100,000±*:

*40 VIDEO TOURS/Month= US$25,000± Annually ($2,100±/mo.)

*20 Page Monthly HOMES Magazine= US$54,000± Annually ($4500±/mo.)

*36 Page Annual NEIGHBORHOOD Magazine= US$21,000± Annually


And as you gain marketshare and increase web usage and page count, you can grow your income significantly.


Common Questions:

1. What are the territory fees?

    - D.T. fees are based on population of zip code and physical boundaries.


2. How do you make your money?

    - We charge a video hosting fee for each video posted to website

    - We earn a minimal amount for all print jobs, while keeping your cost

      at low industry standards


3. Are there any up-front fees?

    - We charge a one time start-up fee of US$5,000 plus a monthly maintenance fee of US$250

      regardless of D.T. size.


4. How long does it take from the time we sign up until our first edition is up and running?

    - Although everyone and every area is different, count on three months to get started. This depends largely on how much time and effort you put into it though.


5. How much start-up capital will I need to start my NHT business?

    - Initally just the start-up fee + first month's maintenance fee, US$5,250

    - Plus any printing cost associated with items you wish to begin your business:

      business cards, flyers, posters, mailings, etc.


*Discounts available on printed materials for folks with experience setting up magazines with InDesign or QuarkXpress who choose to do their own set-up and can submit in PDF form.


Enjoy the rewards of working for yourself! 

Contact us today if you're interested in

learning more about this unique opportunity.


Click on our logo below and email any questions you may have on financing, training, support, available locations, and more will be answered by the most qualified representative from NHT.